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Smokehouse Smokehouse Full Set Smoker wood woods + metal high 170 x 50 cm x 50 cm Smoker fish smokehouse sausages sausage ham fish

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Smokehouse with the outer stove directly from the manufacturer!

It is a ready made set for homemade sausages! - Full Set - Complete set

Smokehouse Eko home cured high 50x50x170 garden


We offer a set for auction:

Chimney 350 x 250 x 230 CNC [mm] with the possibility to regulate the combustion temperature,

A pipe with a total length of 100 [cm] (2 x 50 cm) connecting the fireplace to the smoking chamber,

Smokehouse with a door and a canopy made of a formwork,

Wooden baldachin with chimney,

Tin legs with a 40 [cm] high base,

Thermometer with resistance up to 250 degrees

Hooks for smoked products made of acid-resistant wire 6 ART,

Wooden traverse for suspension hooks of 4 pieces,

Smoke deflector removable,

All elements are placed in a wooden smoking chamber after the smoking process is finished. This ensures the possibility of moving the smoking chamber to any desired location.

The metal elements of the set are painted with heat-resistant paint

Unlike the competition, our smoking chambers are screwed and additionally nailed.

The set includes:

Smokehouse, consisting of a smokehouse and a roof,

6 hooks,

Four bars,

the thermometer shown in the pictures.

Flue pipe and knee,

Chimney - with adjustable draught.

The set also includes a fireplace, it is a ready-made set for preparing home-made cold cuts,

a net for smoking ham,

A set of carefully selected spices plus pickling salt for the preparation of 10 kg of ham and bacon. Only herb mixture ready made by us. Just add the mixture and water and we have the curing liquid ready.

Gross dimensions of the smoking chamber

Height 170 cm

width 50 cm

Depth of 50 cm

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